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Content Warning: Medical stuff, claustrophobia, swearing?

This is an incredibly amateur Kinetic Novel made for Yuri Game Jam 2019.

Package Chat is about a ship traveling in space in the future. The protagonist is a passenger, confined to a small space where she spends her time in virtual reality. It's boring, lonely, and a really poor fit for her. However, her tedium changes when someone sends her a message. 

The game is supposed to be an introspective story about two girls in a strange sci-fi situation. I had the idea when a couple of years back I was getting an MRI scan and my only company in the machine was a woman's voice in my earbuds. 

I'm a horrible amateur at using any sort of game creation software, so I apologize in advance for this game's quality. The music is from Jason Shaw on Audionautix.com.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
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GenreVisual Novel
TagsKinetic Novel, Ren'Py, Yuri


PackageChat-1.0-pc.zip 64 MB

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You've got a real way with words, gets me immersed in the stories and worlds and characters even within a short runtime. Keeps leaving me craving more of each story, haha.

Keep up the good work.


I love this so much!! It's such a unique story. I'm really into dystopian stories, so this was perfect


this is a superlative work, written with creativity and a passion to connect to insightful truth about the human condition...a perfect example of what science-fiction is all about.  great work!!!


I've read this! Spoilers ahead I guess.
It was... strong. The main character had a strong personality, certainly clashes with mine, and their emotions were powerful. The situation thought-provoking and the world beyond curious, and we know precious little about it because the story is one of those that takes the attitude of "You're seeing a snapshot of somebody's life. Obviously no one is going to specifically talk about everything that happened so far, at least in most circumstances.".

It invoked feelings, and, at the start, I really thought maybe it wouldn't be my thing but as soon as characters showed up all was well. I really am a character-driven reader. And their interactions were sweet, and at the end I felt almost as liberated as the main character despite that making no sense. Regardless, overall enjoyable. There are few things I love more than wholesomeness and people trying to respect others' feelings.

It feels like a short story someone might drop on some site that I'd never have found were it not a VN submission to a game jam. But I'll say this particular story had no need to be a VN and works almost the exact same way as if it were a short story. I believe you've said this was practice for learning the engine? That would explain it.
It was still really good either way.

Also thanks to Plk_Lesiak because I certainly wouldn't have found it or tried it otherwise.


yeah, I'm pretty bad with technology so I tried to keep it simple on purpose. Next time I enter the jam i'll try to have character art and so on to make it more VN-like. Thanks for the praise.


This was so interesting, I've just finished playing and I'm so sad it's over! Great job!


I'll be blunt: this Yuri Game Jam was extremely bland overall, but your story stood out in a pretty awesome way. Really good concept, a lot of interesting details and nice flow of the dialogue. I'd really love to see a sequel, or generally another story from you in the future.  :)


Thanks. I mostly spent the dev time figuring out how to make code work, so now that I (hopefully) understand the basics I think in future i'll be able to do something more elaborate.


a really great read!! amazing worldbuilding, and super cute relationship, what more could you want??